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Origin of our Tour

M. TrappOur bus company (Albus) was involved in the making of the movie back in 1964. Our buses were used by the film crew and our limousines carried the stars. As you will see in the movie Julie Andrews, who played Maria von Trapp, took our bus to drive to the von Trapp mansion! After the release of the film in 1965, more and more fans came to Salzburg asking about the original sites and of course our drivers could guide them.

So we developed a special tour to show guests from around the world where this famous movie was filmed. After a prosperous launch in 1967 we started - as the FIRST TOUR COMPANY - regular Sound of Music Tours in June 1968. Thanks to the exceptional demand and our existing background knowledge we have been able to offer, with outstanding success, Salzburg's most requested tour for over 45 years!

The Original Sound of Music Tour since 1967

This tour is an ideal opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Maria von Trapp whilst taking in local historical sights both from the city of Salzburg and also the picturesque Lakes and Mountains region along the way. Our experienced guides will accompany you throughout the tour giving you all the information you need to really appreciate this magical movie.

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